Assessment Map - French
YearTimeUnitSpeakingListeningReadingWritingTranslationListeningReadingTranslation French-EnglishTranslation English-FrenchSpeaking - Role PlaySpeaking Open conversationWriting short taskWriting long taskListening – respond in FrenchReading – respond in French
7Weeks 1-6Moi et mon college111101100011000
7Weeks 13 to 18Ma zone111101100011000
7Weeks 19 to 243…2…1…Partez!111101100010110
7Weeks 25 to 30Harry Potter000100100001000
7Weeks 31 to 36Studio découverte111101100010100
7Weeks 7 to 12Mes passe-temps111101100010100
8Weeks 1 to 6T’es branché(e)?111101100011000
8Weeks 13 to 19Mon identité111101100011000
8Weeks 19 to 24Chez Anne111101100010100
8Weeks 25 to 30Quel talent?!111101100010100
8Weeks 31 to 36Studio découverte000010001000000
8Weeks 7 to 12Paris, je t111101100010100
9Weeks 1 to 6Ma vie sociale111101100011000
9Weeks 13 to 18À l’horizon111101100011000
9Weeks 19 to 24Spécial de vacances111101100011000
9Weeks 25 to 30Moi dans le monde111101100010100
9Weeks 31 to 36Preparation for GCSE100001111010100
9Weeks 7 to 12Bien dans sa peau111101100010100
10Term 1Identity and Culture - Who am I?110001000110010
10Term 2Daily Life001100111001101
10Term 3Cultural Life110001000110010
10Term 4Town, Region and Country/Travel and Tourist Attractions001100111001101
10Term 5Holidays/Travel and Tourist Attractions000001000110010
10Term 6Travel and Tourist Attractions/Travel and Accommodation/Holiday Necessities000001111111111
11Term 1School000000111001101
11Term 2Future aspirations, study and work 000001111111111
11Term 3International and Global Dimension000001111111111
11Term 4Revison and Recapping000001111111111