Information for students and the King's community during the school's general closure as a result of COVID19. 


Please click here for Brighton and Hove City Council's online referral form for vulnerable residents at this time. Types of help available include: Finding help with grocery shopping and collecting prescriptions; Emergency foodbank referrals; and support for those feeling lonely in self-isolation. 

Please click here for an update from local domestic abuse and sexual abuse support services. 


Worship and pastoral resources

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Today's resources

Worship resource week commencing 13th July: Gratitude

Pastoral resource week commencing 13th July: As we enter into our last week of the school year who would have guessed we would be ending it socially distancing! Our first year in the new school building certainly hasn’t gone the way any of us would have planned. I look back and there have been many difficult times but there are also many things that I am very grateful for. I am grateful for friends, I am grateful for sunshine and I am grateful for my health. What are you grateful for? Try this 30 day gratitude calendar and see what changes for you- Mrs Gamon.


Please use the links below to access regular worship and pastoral resources for your childResources from previous days/weeks can be found by scrolling down the page.


Worship resources (updated weekly)

We have set up a email address.  If you have specific things you would like someone to pray for over the coming weeks, please send an email to this address and we will ensure our prayer team are praying for you.

We will also be publishing a weekly worship resource. Please click on the theme of the week to download the resource.

Worship resource week commencing 6th July: The School Journey 

Worship resource week commencing 29th June: Learning

Worship resource week commencing 22nd June: Hospitality

Worship resource week commencing 15th June: Family

Worship resource week commencing 8th June: Church

Worship resource week commencing 18th May: Compassion

Worship resource week commencing 11th May: Loss

Worship resource week commencing 4th May: Hope

Worship week commencing 27th April: Endurance

Worship week commencing 20th April: Patience

Easter Worship resource: Please click here for our Easter Worship resource. 

Worship week commencing 30th March: Courage

Worship week commencing 23rd March: Generosity 


Pastoral resources (updated weekly)

Pastoral resource week commencing 6th July: We can all be good at looking after our friends and family. Some of us can be good at looking after people we don’t know. But are many of us very good at looking after ourselves? It is really important that we take some time and look after ourselves, doing the things we enjoy. This helps to boost positive feelings, our confidence and self-esteem. It also reminds us and others that we are important and our needs are too. Take a look at this 30 day self-care calendar and have some you time!

Pastoral resource week commencing 29th June: An unknown author said ‘Music is what feelings sound like’. There will be songs that hold many memories for us and cover many different emotions. Here is a 30 day song challenge for you to try.

Pastoral resource week commencing 22nd June: There are lots of changes happening again with some school years being back and non-essential shops beginning to open. Some of you may feel relieved and even excited about this whilst others may find this quite scary. All of these feelings are normal and to be expected. Please follow this link for some useful information. Also remember you can email in @pastoral to get some support. We are here for you

Pastoral resource week commencing 15th June: Are you feeling anxious, worried or stressed? The world around us at the moment can feel very unsettling. Not knowing when you’ll be back at school or be able to hug another human being can feel scary. Of course wider global issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement may have also bought up lots of feelings. If you feel you would like to talk to someone follow this link. This service is provided by the YMCA Downslink Group based in Brighton and Hove You can also contact our Pastoral team (


  •  30 day LEGO challenge.

  • Live cams at zoos.

  • Setting yourself a goal and achieving it will give you a sense of control and purpose – think about things you want or need to do that you can still do at home. It could be watching a film, reading a book or learning a new skill. 

  • Think about 10 things that you are grateful for. Focusing on the positives around us helps us to become more positive. Try it as a family and have them written down where everyone can see them. 

  • Brain Break breathing:  Lie back gently on the floor with your feet out in front of you. Place your hands on your stomach. Breathe in through your nose and feel your hands rise up. As you slowly exhale, feel your hands go back down. Pretend that your stomach is waves in the ocean and your hands are a sailboat. Each time you breath in the sailboat goes up on the waves and each time you breath out the sailboat goes down on the waves. Repeat.

Safety and well-being resources 


Please use the links below to access safety and well-being resources for you and your child. Links for parents can be found below the student guidance. 


Resources for students 

Return to school resources

Safetynet have produced a Zine which talks about managing your return to school in September. Click here to download a copy. 

Is there someone I can talk to?  I’m feeling a little worried.

Yes there is.  If you would like to have an email conversation with someone in the school’s pastoral team (this would include Mrs Gamon, Ms Findon, Mr Walker, Ms Lowney or Mrs Price) you should use your school email address (wherever possible) and send an email to

Your email will be read and we’ll aim to reply within 2 working days, although it may be longer if staff are not available. Please be assured that we will, however, reply as soon as we are able. 

You might also want to use one of these services:


What should I do if I’m worried about my immediate safety, or the immediate safety of someone else?

If you are concerned that you, or someone you know, is not safe, please email You will receive an email reply. 

If it is a young person whose safety is a concern, the following services could be helpful:


Front Door for Families:


For parents and carers 

We understand that this is a difficult time for students and their families and will try to provide useful resources to help families manage the school closure period. If you would like to recommend any services or publications for inclusion in this list, please email

Summer holiday resources

If you have concerns about the Emotional Mental Health and Wellbeing of your child, you can speak with the Schools Wellbeing Service. Click here for more information.

The Schools Wellbeing Service are also offering activities to support students over the summer. Click here for more information.


Support with anxiety and disruption

Click here for our guide on helping students manage unsettling times such as school closures. 

Use the links below for guidance on supporting your child with anxiety:


Talking about Covid-19

Click here for NHS guidance on handling conversations around Covid-19.

Click here for advice from SafetyNet on talking about Covid-19, safeguarding and supporting your child's learning at home. 

Click here for 'top tips' for parents and carers during lockdown. 


Click here for resources to help keep your child safe online.  


External support services

Please click here to view a list of possible services you may find helpful, including organisation who can support or offer advice relating to food, health and money.