If you would like to contact us please email, write or phone.


King's School, Hangleton Way, Hove BN3 8BN


01273 840004

Governing Body

To contact the chair of the governing body please write to Katherine Laux (at the above address) or email her at admin@kingsschoolhove.org.uk


General enquiries should be directed to: admin@kingsschoolhove.org.uk

Finance enquiries should be directed to: finance@kingsschoolhove.org.uk

The Headteacher, Mrs Price, can be contacted via: head@kingsschoolhove.org.uk

The Deputy Headteachers, Mr Cooke (Curriculum) and Ms Lowney (Pastoral) can be contacted via: d.cooke@kingsschoolhove.org.uk and m.lowney@kingsschoolhove.org.uk

Assistant Headteacher Ms Vincent can be contacted via: k.vincent@kingsschoolhove.org.uk

The school's SENDCo, Assistant Headteacher Mr Walker, can be contacted via: sendco@kingsschoolhove.org.uk

Subject teachers can be contacted through departmental email addresses as follows:

English english@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Mathematics maths@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Science science@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Modern Foreign Languages mfl@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Religion and Philosophy rp@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Art arts@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Business Studies business@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Computing computing@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Design Technology dt@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Drama arts@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Geography geography@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
History history@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Music arts@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Physical Education pe@kingsschoolhove.org.uk

Heads of Year can be contacted directly as follows:

Head of Year 7 (Ms Staples) headofyear7@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Head of Year 8 (Ms Cager/Ms Staples) headofyear8@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Head of Year 9 (Mr Parker-Sibun) headofyear9@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Head of Year 10 (Ms Goldstein) headofyear10@kingsschoolhove.org.uk
Head of Year 11 (Ms Wood) headofyear11@kingsschoolhove.org.uk