KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 PSHCE
Term 1Community and Diversity   
Students will consider their attitude and behaviour towards community and diversity. Students will learn what community is and how to recognise and help the needs of others. They will also work to understand that diversity includes groups with different abilities, and understand what it is like living with a disability. They will develop some empathy towards difference and accept their responsibility to challenge all forms of prejudice.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 2Safety   
In this unit pupils will learn how to keep themselves and their personal belongings safe. They will cover safety on the streets, how to stay safe online, how to recognise safe strangers and buildings where they can get help.Pupils will also learn basic first aid.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 3RSE: Identity and Puberty   
Students will develop an understanding of how puberty can change personal hygiene needs, and learn about the different products and methods that can help maintain good personal hygiene. They will develop an appreciation that feelings and emotions can change during puberty, and how to deal with this change. They will also learn about the changes that take place to the body during puberty.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 4Introduction to UK Government and Politics   
In this term, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the government in the UK, both at a local and national level. They will consider the role of the prime minister and the cabinet. They will explore the structure of the houses of parliament and the process of law making. Following this, students will look at political parties.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 5Healthy eating   
This term students will learn about the elements that constitute healthy eating. Students will learn about what makes up a balanced diet, how vegetarian and vegan diets are different, how eating can become disordered, how to match their nutrition to the lifestyle they lead, how some drinks can have a negative effect on them and what it means if our food is sustainable.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 6Peer Pressure and Social Media   
Students will explore the concept of peer pressure and the impact it can have on young people’s lives. Students will look specifically at social media issues and how harm can be caused by individuals and groups online.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms