KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 Geography
Term 1Introduction to Geography and Map Skills   
Students develop map skills through the use of maps on a wide range of scales from different sources including Ordnance Survey and Google. Students learn to identify and use key features such as symbols and grid references.
Assessment: Picture Assessment - literacy OS Mapskills test - grid references, symbols, scale,Key Words and Terms
Term 2Where do we live?   
Students learn about settlements, how they are ordered and how and why they grow. Organisation, land use, redevelopment and sustainable development are explored, before students design their city of the future.
Assessment: Decision making activity - Brownfield/Greenfield sites.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Welcome to the UK   
Students receive an introduction to physical and human geography. Students explore their own country and learn about key geographical concepts in relation to the UK, reinforcing their understanding of their local areas, regions, cities and major tourist attractions. Students will locate and explore some of the major features of the British Isles, look at the jobs people in the UK do, and how our society is made up of many different races, religions and cultures.
Assessment: Welcome to the UK test - physical geography in UK, migration and impact of migration in the UK. Focus on Windrush generation.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Rivers   
Students will examine river processes, landforms and problems of living near rivers. They will consider the problems of flood management and decision making that governments are faced with.
Assessment: Exam covering key processes and landforms. A decision-making activity that looks at a case-study and the options available for flood protection.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Natural Hazards 1 (Volcanoes)   
Students will study the hazards created by tectonic activity; volcanoes and earthquakes. Students will learn about the structure of the earth, plate tectonics and hazards associated with living in these hazard zones. They will consider how a country might predict, plan and prepare for these hazards.
Assessment: A case-study investigated and presented using a choice of methods e.g. models, newspaper articles, radio broadcast, interviews, television report.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Energy and sustainable living   
Students will learn about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. They will consider how electrical energy is generated and stored and will study the sustainability of these sources.
Assessment: Exam based around the key aspects of this unit. Renewable and non-renewable energy. Different viewpoints about energy sources and the controversy that is often linked to different methods.Key Words and Terms