KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 Religion & Philosophy
Term 1What is RP?   
In this unit students learn about the nature of belief and the basic facts about the major world religions. Students will explore the impact religion has on people’s lives and will evaluate different people’s opinions on whether religion is valuable to society.
Assessment: Four part question on 'What is RP?'. Students should revise key terminology and concepts on existence of God Key Words and Terms
Term 2Arguments for God's Existence    
In this unit students will examine key arguments which try to prove God's existence. They will look at arguments from philosophers; William Paley and Blaise Pascal, as well as first hand accounts from Christians who believe in God, and their reasons why. They will be asked to analyse the arguments strength, and to explore what they believe.
Assessment: Knowledge Test. Pupils will be given short answer questions to test them on their key words and their knowledge of the arguments and philosophers that they have studied. Key Words and Terms
Term 3Judaism  
In this unit students will explore the origins of the religion, its main beliefs and concepts. There will be a particular focus on the life of Moses and the Exodus of the Jews. Students will also examine how a Jewish person's life and beliefs is dis/similar to their own, particularly noting food, dress, festivals and worship.
Assessment: Knowledge Test. Students will be tested on their understanding of the main beliefs and concepts in Judaism. They should particularly revise key words. Key Words and Terms
Term 4Prejudice and Discrimination    
In this unit students will be learning about Prejudice and Discrimination. They will learn what this means in theory, and then will apply it to Nazi Germany. It will be an in-depth and thought provoking topic, that hopefully pupils will engage with and learn from.
Assessment: Students will be assessed through a holistic manner, from work done in their books and contributions made in class. There will also be a short knowledge test. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Christianity   
In this unit students will look at Christianity with a focus on the Bible and Jesus' life and teachings. They will also study some influential Christians from the past.
Assessment: Students will be assessed through a research task to find out more about Christianity. Key Words and Terms
Term 6Islam   
Students will finish the year learning about the least Abrahamic religion. There will be a focus on he prophet Muhammad and Islamic practices e.g. Hajj.
Assessment: Students will be assessed in their end of year exam. All topics covered throughout the year will be on the exam, and questions will be a mix of short and long answers. Pupils should revise all topics, paying particular attention to key words. Key Words and Terms