KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 History
Term 1The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade   
Students will study the culture of African Society, the beginnings of and development of the Slave Trade. Students will also look at what life was like for slaves.
Assessment: GCSE style questions - Inference, source analysis and follow up. Key Words and Terms
Term 2Civil Rights USA 1954-75   
Students will explore the abolition of slavery in 19th century Britain and the Civil Rights Movement in the Americas. Students will study life in America in the 1950s and the early protests for change during the Little Rock Nine event. Students also study the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and their impact of the Civil Rights Movement. Students then continue their studies by looking at peaceful protests, Malcolm X, the height of the Civil Rights Movement and the assassination of Martin Luther King Junior.
Assessment: GCSE style question - interpretations exam 2 4 marker questions and a 16 marker interpretations essay. 4 marks awarded for SPAG. Key Words and Terms
Term 6Vietnam and the Assassination of JFK   
Students look at the end of the French rule in Vietnam and how they began their new government. Students will look at how Vietnam is influenced by Eisenhower. Students study the leader Diem and how he struggled and was overthrown. A look in to JFK's assassination and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Students study the involvement of Johnson and his relationship with Vietcong.
Assessment: GCSE style question - inferences, interpretations. Key Words and Terms
Term 51960s Britain    
Students will study the vast social changes developed during 1960s Britain. Students will study immigration under Windrush and the subsequent social attitudes to migrants from the Caribbean. Students also study the developments and changes in social attitudes towards relationships and birth control. Students also look at how these changing attitudes led to the protest and result of an end to capital punishment. This is a depth study that preludes studies in Year 10 Crime and Punishment.
Assessment: GCSE style question - 16 mark question. 'The biggest progress in 1960s Britain was the end of the death penalty.' How far do you agree? 4 marks awarded for SPAG.Key Words and Terms
Term 3World War One   
Students will be looking at the causes of WWI, some of the key battles, the impact it had on Britain and the world. Study will also focus on the interim period between WWI and WWII.
Assessment: GCSE style question - 12 mark causation and interpretation question/inference.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Medicine In the trenches   
Students will explore the circumstances which led to the rise of Hitler and economic depression, as well as the causes of WWII and the impact felt worldwide, as well as Britain at home.
Assessment: Students will sit a 16 mark exam reflective of Paper 2 GCSE enquiry section. Students will be asked a 4 mark feature, an 8 mark source usefulness and 4 mark source follow up question. Key Words and Terms