KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Design Technology
On rotationChocolate Mould
This project will encompass the full design process, from Brief through to Evaluation. Students will design and make a former that can be used to create a mould suitable for making chocolates. They will be required to consider their market, and make sure that your designs, shapes, and sizes are suitable for both the customer and the process.
Assessment: Students will be assessed on their use of 3d sketching skills and how effective they have been in creating design ideas that meet the specification. 3d sketching activities will be in their exercise books. A judgment will be made of the skill students have shown in shaping their final former and then creating the final chocolate mould.Key Words and Terms
On rotationTextiles   
Continuing on from the learning students have gained in yr7 into natural materials. This project will look at the material finishes and their decorative uses. Students will learn about batik and its different applications before designing and making a cushion cover using the hot wax resist technique.
Assessment: Designing and Making task. Students design ideas in their exercise books will be assessed, with a focus on how their designs meet the needs of their target market. Sewing machine use along with the realisation of their cushion cover will be considered in their final grade.Key Words and Terms
On rotationFood & Nutrition 
Students in year 8 are currently following the year 7 scheme of work
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
On rotationFood & Nutrition  
Food Safety & Hygiene, Use of the Oven and Healthy Eating
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
On rotationClock CAD/CAM 
In this project students will have to design and make a clock that is free standing and can be disassembled so that it could be stored in an a5 envelope. Students will be provided with a quartz working mechanism for their clock. Students will learn about the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and their design ideas will reflect his design style.
Assessment: Students will be assessed on the quality of their design communication, the level of creativity they demonstrate within the constraints of the design specification and their level of technical skill at using 2d design. Both their design ideas in their books and their final 2d Design, will be used to generate a final grade.Key Words and Terms