KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Physical Education
Weeks 13 to 18Gymnastics  
Students will build on their foundation skills of flight, rotation and balance and start to develop more complex movements. Students will explore pair and group balances as well as refining the different types of rotation. Students will then focus on the transition between gymnastic skills, using flight and creative composition to create a smooth and fluid gymnastic routine as part of their final assessment.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 1-6Rugby   
Students will learn and develop the fundamentals of rugby. This will include passing, catching, running with the ball and movement. This will also include introducing contact elements such as tackling, rucking and mauling. Students will develop these skills slowly and in a controlled, safe environment. When skill level is deemed appropriate, students will then start to involve contact in conditioned and normal games.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 19 to 24Health Related Exercise   
In Year 8 Health Related Exercise students will explore the short and long term effects of exercise on the body. One theme throughout the unit of work will be the influence of different types of exercise on heart rate and there will be an opportunity for every student to use a heart rate monitor and record their heart rate throughout a lesson. The data that is gathered will then be analysed and students will then be able to feel and see the theory of exercise at work.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 25 to 30Athletics  
Students will continue to develop their technique in throwing, jumping and running events in athletics, with a greater focus on the technical skill need in throwing and jumping events. Students will develop their tactics within athletic races with the focus on trying to improve their personal best level.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 31 to 36Striking and Fielding   
Students will build on the core skills learnt in year 7 and will develop sport specific skills in cricket, rounders, stoolball and softball. Students will focus on developing their hand-eye coordination needed for batting and catching, as well as the variety of bowling techniques needed in different striking and fielding sports.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 7 to 12Badminton   
Students start with working cooperatively with serving and developing punch shots to increase the consistency of rallies. Students will then develop overhead clears, smash shots, net and drops, as well developing their overall tactical knowledge. Students will also perform in a variety of different competitive matches to put tactical understanding into practice.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms