KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Computing
Term 1Networks  
Students learn about Networks, Internet and protocols (TCP/IP)
Assessment: Practical task & theory questions Key Words and Terms
Term 2Modern computers
Students will learn about "Colossus to present day. Basic function machines to high level processing. Computing device components and function."
Assessment: Students are assessed through practical tasksKey Words and Terms
Term 3Number Systems
Students will learn about Binary and Denary ( build on year 7), they will also learn about Binary addition.
Assessment: This unit is assessed through theory tasks.Key Words and Terms
Term 4 & 5Spreadsheets
Students will learn about basic spreadsheet functions and how to produce Spreadsheets. They will develop this further during the Road trip project in year 9.
Assessment: This is a practical project and the outcomes will be assessed by the teacher.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Programming
Students will learn about programming constructs
Assessment: This unit is assessed through programming practical tasks.Key Words and Terms