KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Art
Term 1 & 2Chuck close inspired self portraits  
Student will start Year 8 by learning about portraiture and will explore techniques that will improve their observation and drawing skills. They will study proportions of the face and will learn how to draw features accurately. Finally they will produce a self portrait inspired by Chuck Close and use his grid method to produce an accurate self portrait. They will study the work of photo realism artist Chuck Close through written analysis and description. Students will also research, discuss, contrast and compare artists Lucien Freud and Frida Kahlo to further their written observations and understanding of other artists work.
Assessment: Final self portrait Key Words and Terms
Term 3Still Life Drawing Michael Craig Martin
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 3 & 4Beautiful Bugs 
During this unit students will study the anatomy of insects and learn different methods of representing them. Students will begin by drawing very detailed and accurate drawings of bugs. They will explore a range of freer drawing techniques such as continuous line, drawing with the 'wrong' hand etc. Students will explore printing methods including mono printing, and press printing. They will study patterns and produce a final mixed media piece inspired by early 20th Century artist E. A Seguy.
Assessment: Experiment and improve. record ideasKey Words and Terms
Term 5The Figure Henry Moore
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 5 & 6Still Life Drawing Michael Craig Martin Continued 
The second half of the project students will use the drawings skills they’ve developed and start to focus more on composition and proportion. Using Michael Craig Martin as their inspiration, student will then get to explore colour theory and painting skills. Students will choose their own objects to work from, giving the project a strong sense of personal identity and individuality whereby students are encouraged to make decisions independently.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 6The Figure Barbara Hepworth
Following on from Henry Moore, students, in their final term of year 8, will work collaboratively to create larger sculptures made from card and mod rock, inspired by the work of Barbara Hepworth. Deepening their understanding of abstract form, students will explore Hepworth’s work, comparing it to Henry Moore's and others, then work in groups to create a 3D abstract sculpture.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms