KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Drama
Term 1Comedy   
The unit aims to understand the intricacies of a playful, physical acting style using techniques such as comic timing, upping the stakes, doing less/making it worse, clowning around and slapstick humour.
Assessment: This knowledge will be consolidated in an assessment piece to showcase as many of the techniques studied as possible.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Melodrama   
Drawing on the exaggerated gestures and expressions from the Victorian era, students will use a variety of techniques to understand style and genre of Melodrama and perform it using 'stock characters'. Students are required to use exaggerated movements and voices to create their characters. They will explore emotions, feelings and motivations in detail and depth and demonstrate their ability to understand actions and effects their actions have on an audience.
Assessment: Scripted assessment in pairs.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Stones   
Students will empathise with different characters who find themselves in the following situations: two boys who cause a death through their poor choices: the boy’s family and the towns people who deal with the consequences. Students are required to put themselves in the place of these characters and speak from their point of view and using mediums, elements and strategies to fully explore their responses. Students will explore emotions, feelings and motivations in detail and depth and demonstrate their ability to engage the audience with a variety of techniques.
Assessment: Students will be assessed over the term on their ability to work creatively and collaboratively with others.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Superheroes   
This unit is intended to prepare students for extending their ideas by structuring drama through the character-led narrative of superheroes. It allows for plenty of devising work and builds student ability to use imagination and create back stories that reveal why people chose the paths in life that they did.
Assessment: Students create their own superhero story and present it to the class in small groups.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Slow Time   
Using stimuli that links to the text ‘Slow Time’ (a contemporary drama about young offenders), students will devise an off text moment/s with the title ‘I had no choice’. Techniques such as thought tracking, hot seating, backstory and flash backs will be used to create dramatic tension. Alternative endings will provoke discussion around how split second decisions have life changing consequences.
Assessment: Students are assessed over a period of lessons on their ability to create believable and powerful characters and storylines.Key Words and Terms
Term 6'Bugsy Malone'   
Students will be introduced to the musical 'Bugsy Malone' and explore accent, characterisation, staging and design elements of the show.
Assessment: Students will perform a short section of the play.Key Words and Terms