KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 9 Spanish
Weeks 13-18En forma   
Daily routine, health and diet will be focused upon, as well as active lifestyles. The form 'se debe' to express obligation will be taught and pracised and body parts will be studied. Pupils will be able to say where something hurts and will start to form more complex sentences.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 1-6Somos así   
In this unit, students will discuss likes and dislikes using a wider range of expressions for this and giving more extended reasons. They will also revise both the present simple (regular verbs and the irregular ones 'ser', 'hacer' and 'ir') through the context of discussing their week. The preterite will be revisited, as will the near future. Types of films and birthday celebrations will also be explored.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 19-24Jóvenes en acción   
Environment, fair trade and children's rights are covered in this unit. In addition the imperfect tense will be introduced in the context of describing what a place was like and how it has changed.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 25-30Una aventura en Madrid   
This unit looks at meeting and greeting people, talking about a treasure hunt, buying souvenirs and making yourself understood. The simple future tense will be formally taught so that students can say what they will do in the future.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 31-36Repaso/Revision  
Depending on the group's needs, activities will focus on the tenses covered over the year and using them simultaneously to create more fluent responses both orally and in writing. Students will also start to access more challenging authentic texts in preparation for GCSE Spanish.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 7-12Oriéntate   
Pupils will practise using the form 'tener' que to express obligation. They will look at the world of work and formally learn the conditional tense, discussing what they would like to do in the future and why. Dictionary skills and adjective endings will be revisited in preparation for the focus on accuracy in the new GCSE.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms