KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 9 Art
Term 1 & 2Drawing from the Right Hand side of the Brain   
In the first term, student will develop their basic drawing and observational skills. They will explore the drawing techniques advocated by Betty Edwards in her renowned book 'Drawing from the right hand side of the brain'. Students will undo habits of drawing observations from memory by using a variety of techniques that enable students to draw what they see. Students will see for themselves the leaps that they make in their drawing skills by producing a 'before and after' self portrait.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 2 & 3Portraiture- in the style of chosen artist.  
Student will study a range of traditional and contemporary portrait artists. They will explore the meaning, intention and context of their work. They will then select an artist whose work will go onto inspire their final piece in terms of style, technique, composition, colour and mood. They will produce independent research and analysis of the artist's work. Students will take their own photographs for their personal response and select materials independently based on the artists that they have chosen.
Assessment: Students will produce their own A3 portrait as a final piece.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Typography  
Students will learn about the history of typography. They will learn how to produce 3D drawings of letters using a range of 3D drawing techniques including single and 2 point perspective and oblique. Students will study colour theory and consider how it impacts on design and subliminal effects on mood and cultural beliefs. Students will work in pairs to independently select an artist to research who will inspire the decoration of their 3D letter. They will then individually produce design ideas and decide upon a final idea as a team.
Assessment: Design ideasKey Words and Terms
Term 4Typography 3D    
In pairs, student will begin to construct a 3D letter made out of cardboard and rendered in Papier-mâché, which they will then go onto paint. They will explore different media and textures to achieve their designs from term 3. They will then go onto study the work of Basquiat and how his experiences influenced his art work. They will also and Javier Mariscal and produce research and transcriptions of their work.
Assessment: 3D letterKey Words and Terms
Term 5Clay Skills
Students will get the chance to work on three dimensional sculptures during this term. Inspired by clay sculptures Kate Malone, Joan Hardie, Jennifer McCurdy and Dianne Martin Lublinski. Students will draw inspiration from natural forms, create designs and drawings, and practice basic clay techniques using the correct processes and tools, finally resulting in a clay vessel which they will then paint.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 6Clay Skills 2 
Assessment: Key Words and Terms