KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 10 English
Term 1 & 2Literature Paper 1: Macbeth & Language Paper 1: Reading and Creative Writing  
Students will embark on an in-depth study of Shakespeare’s tragedy, focusing on stagecraft, language, character and theme. They will study the entire play, using a range of methods including role play and written work. In addition to this, students will investigate and analyse a range of fiction and non-fiction pieces in order to develop their understanding of how to approach unseen extracts.
Assessment: There will be tasks in each half term designed to prepare students for the GCSE examinations in English Language and English Literature. In Term 1 students will complete reading assessment questions. In Term 2 they will complete imaginative writing style questions. In addition to this, there will be a GCSE style English Literature questions on Macbeth focusing on an extract.Key Words and Terms
Term 3 & 4Literature Paper 1: An Inspector Calls & Language Paper 2: Non-Fiction and Transactional Writing   
Students will continue their English Literature studies by exploring a modern play based on the theme of choice and consequence. They will explore the themes of the play, developing a critical understanding of the author’s use of language, tone and structure. Students will explore the social and historical context of the text, analysing the writer's construction of character, setting, events and themes. They will attempt a range of literature exam-style questions, learning how to develop essay responses to incorporate critical analysis skills and reflective ideas. Alongside this, they will work on their analysis of non-fiction texts and develop their own non-fiction writing skills.
Assessment: Students will undertake GCSE questions from Language Paper 2: Non-fiction and Transactional Writing. In addition to this, there will be GCSE style English Literature questions on An Inspector Calls, focusing character and theme.Key Words and Terms
Term 5 & 6Literature Paper 2: Poetry Study & Language Speaking Assessment   
Students will study a range of 15 poems from the 'Relationships' section in the Edexcel Anthology. They will learn how to read critically and understand how to evaluate and compare poems independently, both seen and unseen. During this term, students will also begin preparation for the GCSE Spoken Language assessment, which will be completed in the final term of the year.
Assessment: Students will complete their first set of end-of-year GCSE mock examinations. These will be: English Language Paper 1: Analysing and evaluating a fiction extract and producing a piece of imaginative writing. English Language Paper 2: Analysing, evaluating and comparing fiction extracts and producing a piece of transactional writing. Literature Paper 1: An essay that tests their understanding and knowledge of a Shakespeare play (Macbeth) and a modern text (An Inspector Calls). Students will also complete their Spoken Language Assessment.Key Words and Terms