KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 English
Term 1 and 2Literature Paper 2: A Christmas Carol & Revision   
Year 11 students will be studying the writer's crafting of 'A Christmas Carol'. Students will explore the context of the text, analysing the writer's construction of character, setting, events and themes. They will attempt a range of literature exam-style questions, learning how to develop essay responses to incorporate critical analysis skills and reflective ideas. Alongside this, students will explore a range of language questions, using thematically-linked fiction and non-fiction texts to understand the requirements of the GCSE language papers and develop a skilled approach in preparation for the mock exams.
Assessment: Students will undertake mock exams towards the End of term 2. The mock exams will consist of: English Language Paper 1, English Language Paper 2 English Literature Paper 2Key Words and Terms
Term 3 and 4Revision Skills & Literature Revision   
Students will spend the two terms before Easter working through focused revision modules to consolidate their learning and to revise key concepts. In addition to this, teachers will identify key areas of need within the threshold skills and tailor their teaching to the needs of each student, creating a personalised revision unit that allows every student to succeed at GCSE.
Assessment: Students will sit a second Mock exam during this term. This will consist of all papers that they will sit in the final exams.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Final Revision & Exams
In the final run-up to GCSE, students will make final preparations for the examinations, revising independently to secure the best possible grade.
Assessment: Final GCSE ExamsKey Words and Terms