KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 History
Term 1Whitechapel 1870-1900 Crime, Policing and the Inner City    
Students will undertake final revision of key units and will sit their exams during the final half term.
Assessment: GCSE ExamsKey Words and Terms
Terms 2-3 Unit 1: Weimar Republic 1918-29 and Unit 2: Hitler's Rise to Power 1919-33   
During this term, students will study the early years of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign in England. Students will place this in to the context of a succession crisis and the opposition that Elizabeth faced. Students will study the problems faced by Elizabeth as a female ruler from both Europe and within England. Students study the events of the Spanish Armada and assess reasons for Anglo-Spanish deterioration of relations. To assess this, students study various exam techniques in order to apply their knowledge.
Assessment: Students will be given practice exam questions to complete and at the end of the unit a mock exam will be given. Key Words and Terms
Terms 4-5Unit 3: Nazi Control and Dictatorship 1933-39 and Unit 4: Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39   
Students will spend these terms going over revision of both exam content and technique for answering the questions on all 3 exam papers.
Assessment: GCSE Mock exams, including Elizabeth paper.Key Words and Terms