KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 10 Drama
Term 1Induction and Skills   
To understand the requirements of the three components at GCSE and how they relate to each other and to review the basics and use a stimulus to devise performance work. This will be the first informal assessment. Students given a range of opportunities, including practical sessions, to develop their underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills for the course, as outlined in the specification. This should be an on-going development process.
Assessment: Students are assessed on the creation of a short devised piece based on a stimulus. Internally assessed against Component 1 criteria. Students are assessed on a response to own work and the work of others (also internally assessed against Component 1 criteria).Key Words and Terms
Term 2C1 devised/C2 monologue   
Students explore stimuli based around a topic and develop their devising skills in small groups leading to a performance. They tackle GCSE portfolio style questions. Students learn and perform a monologue as practice for C2. In 2021-22 they will also take part in the National Theatre New Views playwriting programme.
Assessment: Students will be given a holistic grade for their practical and written work.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Practical exploration of the set text - Component 3   
Understanding how to bring an extract from a performance text to life for an audience. Students develop ideas and perform the extract to the rest of the class. They will understand how to approach the text as a theatre maker and have discussions to identify key aspects of the text and creative intentions. Where possible students see a piece of Live Theatre and evaluate in preparation for C3 Section B. In 2021-22 some students will continue writing plays for New Views and will visit the National Theatre.
Assessment: Students are practically exploring their set text and will be given exam style written questions.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Component 3 continued/C2 mock   
Students will continue their study of their set text. Students will complete a second 'mock' C2.
Assessment: Practice questions for C3 and C2 criteria used for practice piece.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Component 1: Devising    
Students are given the stimuli that their assessment will be based on. As a group students begin to devise their own piece of work based on the stimulus. Students begin their portfolio of evidence detailing their devising process.
Assessment: Formative Assessment - students will be working practically and writing up their process in their portfolio.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Devising Component 1 (continued)   
Students devising their pieces and completing notes for portfolios.
Assessment: Students will have an end of Year assessment based on their study of Component 3.Key Words and Terms