KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 History
Term 1Whitechapel 1870-1900 Crime, Policing and the Inner City    
Students will undertake final revision of key units and will sit their exams during the final half term.
Assessment: End of Unit 16 mark exam: 4 mark feature, 8 mark NOPOU, 4 mark follow up. MOCK GCSE Exam: Units 1-5 will be covered worth 52 marks. Key Words and Terms
Terms 2-3 Unit 1: Weimar Republic 1918-29 and Unit 2: Hitler's Rise to Power 1919-33   
For Unit 1 students will study the Origins of the Weimar Republic in the aftermath of the First World War. As part of this study students look at the early challneges, the reaction of the Treaty of Versailles along with its Golden Years under Stresemann. As part of these years students study the impact on culture and society. For Unit 2 students will study the early developments of the Nazi Party and their failed attempt at the Munich Putsch which lead to the Lean Years. We end this unit by following the growth of Nazi support after the Wall Street Crash and how this enabled Hitler to climb to power and establish his role as Chancellor.
Assessment: Students will complete both an end of unit 1 exam and an end of unit 2 exam.Key Words and Terms
Terms 4-5Unit 3: Nazi Control and Dictatorship 1933-39 and Unit 4: Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39   
In Unit 3 students look at the creation of Hitler's Nazi dictatorship and how he was able to consolidate and maintain power through the use of fear, terror and propaganda. Students finish the course with Unit 4 by studying life in Nazi Germany and the changes Hitler made to roles for both genders and its anti-semitic undertone that saw the mass persecution of minority groups such as Jews and gypsies.
Assessment: End of Unit 3 Exam End of Unit 4 Exam Mock exam to cover Units 1-4Key Words and Terms