KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 Spanish
Weeks 13-18Hacia un mundo mejor   
Theme: environment and the wider world Students will revisit the topic of the environment. Recycling, describing areas and homes will be covered and pupils will look at the effects of smoking, drinking and drugs on society. They will also look at healthy diets and sporting events. The conditional and pluperfect will be introduced, essential for higher tier candidates.
Assessment: The real oral exam will be held between March and May therefore focus will be on preparing for this as well as practising listening.Key Words and Terms
Weeks 1-6De costumbre  
Theme: Customs Pupils will discuss food and meal times, celebrations at home and abroad (with a focus on Spanish-speaking countries), ordering in a restuarant and music festivals. They will be introduced to the passive voice, reminded of the superlative (the biggest, the best...) and will revise irregular forms in the preterite.
Assessment: Reading WritingKey Words and Terms
Weeks 19 to endRepaso/Revision; Los exámenes orales/Oral exams   
Focus will be ongoing preparation for the real oral exam and a final mock exam will be held.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Weeks 7-12A currar   
Theme: Work Pupils will discuss the world of work, possible jobs they could do, work experience and future aspirations. They will discuss how they currently earn money and look at why language learning is important. They will revise the future tense in these contexts and others.
Assessment: There will be a second full mock during this period.Key Words and Terms