KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 French
Term 1School   
What school is like? School activities – third person singular and plural forms of verbs in the present tense – il faut and il est interdit de + infinitive – consolidation of the imperative – using a combination of tenses
Assessment: Writing and ReadingKey Words and Terms
Term 2Future aspirations, study and work   
Using languages beyond the classroom. Ambitions Work – the subjunctive (vouloir que, il faut que) – verbs that are followed by de or à (e.g. décider de, apprendre à) – consolidation of negatives – consolidation of the conditional – consolidation of the simple future – si clauses – ce qui… and ce que… – adverbs – using a combination of tenses
Assessment: GCSE Mock in all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing based upon all modules studied so far. Students will complete GCSE past-papers.Key Words and Terms
Term 3International and Global Dimension   
Bringing the world together. Environmental issues – consolidation of modal verbs – consolidation of the comparative – the passive voice – the conditional of modal verbs – using a combination of tenses
Assessment: Mock Assessments in all 4 skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing based upon the entire GCSE course. Students will be completing GCSE past-papers. Key Words and Terms
Term 4Revison and Recapping  
Revision and recapping for all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Assessment: Final GCSE exams Speaking Assessment in April/May Listening/Reading/Writing Assessments in May/JuneKey Words and Terms