KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 Geography
Term 1&2Changing Economic World
Students will focus on the impact of hurricanes, climate change and extreme weather events. A range of case studies are looked at including hurricane Katrina, the UK heatwave and Maldives and the UK.
Assessment: Students will be assessed using exam-style questions from exam papers.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Papre 2: Resource Management  
Resource management considers issues around food, water and energy. Current and future challenges are considered with new technologies/solutions for the future. What impact will these issues have around the world?
Assessment: Students will be assessed with exam-style questions.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Revision coasts, rivers, natural hazards and pre-release materials
Pre-release booklet for synoptic Paper 3 is released 12 weeks before the exam. Students will focus on skills necessary for Paper 3 along with consolidating knowledge gained from Papers 1 and 2 in preparation for final exams as follows: GCSE Paper 1 – Living with the Physical Environment 1 hour 30 minutes 88 marks including 3 for spelling, punctuation and grammar 35% of GCSE Paper 2 – Challenges in the Human Environment 1 hour 30 minutes 88 marks including 3 for SPaG 35% of GCSE Paper 3 – Geographical Applications 1 hour 15 minutes 76 marks including 6 for SPaG 30% of GCSE
Assessment: Practice Paper 3 exam questions - using the resources and questions based on fieldwork.Key Words and Terms
Term 5GCSE Revision
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Terms 1&2Changing Economic World   
Students will focus on global economic variations and study Nigeria as a case study. Students will consider the UK economy. They will focus on the north/south economic divide and strategies to reduce the wealth gap.
Assessment: Mock examination based on GCSE style questions.Key Words and Terms