KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 Media Studies
Term 1Magazines   
Students will explore the magazine industry, exploring different genres of magazine as well as the key conventions used in the production and construction of magazines, especially focusing on front covers. We will explore two CSPs by looking at covers of Reveal and Tatler, comparing contrasting styles and genres. We will also explore the decline of magazine as a media and the shift to online.
Assessment: CSP Analysis Question Key Words and Terms
Term 2Newspapers and Mock Revision   
Students will look at the construction and creation of newspapers, analysing front pages and double spreads, looking at the terminology of newspapers to help us analyse. Students will also compare broadband and tabloid newspapers, exploring the political differences. Year 11 will also revise for their upcoming Mock Exams by recapping, revisiting and practicing questions for topics including the Music Industry, Radio, Advertising, Magazines, Video Games and Social Media
Assessment: Mock Exam - Paper 1 Key Words and Terms
Term 3Television  
Students will explore the history of TV as well as looking at genre, narrative theory and audience theories linked to television. The focus of study will be on Science-Fiction and Fantasy, comparing an older and newer TV episode. We will look at how they are constructed, how representation is shown and how genre is crafted through mise-en-scene, music, characters and narrative.
Assessment: Video clip analysis Questions from Paper 2Key Words and Terms
Term 4-5Revision  
Students will revise key areas of Media Studies including advertising, music, radio and key media terminology and theories. Revision will be guided by students knowledge and performance in recent Mock Exams.
Assessment: Practise Questions from exam from range of topics Key Words and Terms