KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 Music
Term 1Area of Study 4: Popular Music  
AOS4: Popular Music Students will be exploring a range of popular music styles, including bhangra and fusion music, but also spending time focusing on the second set work that falls into this area of study. • Topics 1/2 • Set work 2 In Composition students will be introduced to their set briefs for their first NEA. In performance: • Students to perform a range of popular songs • Students to perform some of the indian rhythms needed in bhangra music.
Assessment: • Assessment: Half an Exam Paper No composition or performance assessment this term. Composition is a work in progress. Key Words and Terms
Term 2Area of Study 4: Popular Music (continued)   
• AOS4: Popular Music Topics 3/4 • Recap of Set work (AOS4) • Exam practice In composition students will continue with their set brief piece. In performance students will be preparing for a solo recording.
Assessment: In Appraisal lessons students will have a full paper as part of their Mock. Students will record their first solo performance. In composition students will submit their set brief piece. Key Words and Terms
Term 3Recap and Consolidate: AOS1 and AOS2 
• Recap and Consolidate AOS 1: Musical Forms and Devices and AOS2: Music for Ensemble. Free Composition Recording of all ensemble pieces.
Assessment: Aural exercises and some assessment on Focus on Sound. A range of exam questions and aural exercises set. Practice 10 mark essays. Recording of all ensemble pieces. Key Words and Terms
Term 4Recap and Consolidate AOS3 and AOS4.   
Students will recap and consolidate their understanding of these AOS. Students will continue to work on the set brief composition. Any final performances that need recording will be done in this term.
Assessment: Students to have completed one free composition and set composition from a set brief. These need to be scored and a written commentary needs to be attached. Two compositions together should last 4 mins. Any last performance recordings need to be completed. Exam practice and 10 mark essay. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Exam Revision  
Students will prepare for the final written paper.
Assessment: Short answer exam style questions including melodic dictation and unfamiliar listening. Plus 10 mark essay question practice. Key Words and Terms