Exam Results 2020

GCSE results are released to students on Thursday 20th August. Please find below key information for students and links to useful documents and further information. 

How will I receive my GCSE results?

Students may either collect their results in person, or have them sent by email. 

If you want to collect your results in person you will need to arrange a collection slot through the Parents' Evening SystemPlease do not attend site other than at your booked time and please leave site as soon as possible after your collection. If you have booked a time and are unable to attend or will be late please let us know by emailing us via exams@kingsschoolhove.org.uk. Please note that social distancing measures will be in place in school to facilitate quick and safe collection and with regret, we will not be offering refreshments or meetings with Heads of Department on the day as we would usually. However, members of the Senior Leadership Team will be available to speak with directly on the day, or by appointment, to support students who wish to discuss their results. 

 Students can also receive their results by email.  If you will be away or would rather not attend the school site to collect your results, please email exams@kingsschoolhove.org.uk to request email delivery of results. Please note, GCSE results are the student's property and will only be released with the student's express permission. Parents/carers cannot request email delivery on their child's behalf. Email results will be sent between 12 and 3pm on results day (Thursday 20th August). 


Who can I talk to about my results?

The Senior Leadership Team will be happy to talk to you about your results. If you collect your results in person, please let a member of SLT know that you would like to meet them or email admin@kingsschoolhove.org.uk to arrange an appointment. Please do not attend site to speak to a member of SLT unless you have an appointment to do so. 


Can I appeal my grades or ask for a remark?

The normal appeal and remark process for GCSEs will not happen this year. Exam centres (schools) can appeal grades if they feel that their whole cohort has been seriously mishandled by an exam board in the moderation process but individual candidates cannot request remarks or reviews of their grade. We have checked our submitted grades very carefully so the first of these grounds is very unlikely to apply. We will of course check all grades awarded so that we and you can be confident that the standardisation has been accurately applied. It is highly unlikely we would be able to appeal.

If you believe that you have been treated unfairly or discriminated against in the awarding of grades, you can submit a complaint to the school in the first instance. The school will investigate your complaint and it may be passed to the relevant exam board for review if sufficient evidence of malpractice is found. If you wish to submit a complaint, please do so by Tuesday 25th August.


Can I resit an exam/exams?

You are entitled to resit exams if you wish to do so, and there is no charge to you to do this. GCSE resits will be between 2nd and 23rd November 2020. A full timetable of exams will be published shortly. Please be aware that if you resit an exam, the grade you receive following the exam will be final. It is possible, therefore, that your grade will not change or will go down. Please speak to Mrs Price or a member of Senior Leadership if you are thinking of re-sitting. Remember, the important thing for you is progression to your next stage of education/training and any resits you do will require a significant investment of time and effort which could be at the expense of your ongoing courses. 

If you would like to resit an exam, please complete the form available from the school and return it to the school by emailing it to exams@kingsschoolhove.org.uk by Sunday 6th September (midnight).

Please note, if you request a resit and then change your mind, you will be liable to pay the entry and withdrawal fees for the exam.


Can I see my centre assessed grades?
Centre assessed grades are a student's personal data, so candidates are entitled to request copies of these if they wish after results day. To request a copy of your centre assessed grades, please email exams@kingsschoolhove.org.uk by Monday 24th August 2020. We will then be able to email you a report which shows your grades.

Please note, centre assessed grades are the property of the candidate, and we will only be able to release copies with the candidate’s approval. Parent/carers cannot request CAGs on their child’s behalf.

Details of the process for the submission of the Centre Assessed Grades are available here.


Summary of key dates

Thursday 20th August - Results day

Monday 24th August (3pm)- Deadline to request a copy of your centre assessed grades. Requests should be made by emailing exams@kingsschoolhove.org.uk and must be submitted by the candidate.

Tuesday 25th August (midnight)- Deadline to submit complaints. Please email head@kingsschoolhove.org.uk if you wish to raise a complaint about discrimination or bias in the awarding of centre assessed grades.

Sunday 6th September (midnight)- Deadline to request entry for an Autumn exam.  Please supply a completed copy of the resit entry form available from the school to exams@kingsschoolhove.org.uk to request entry to an Autumn exam.

TBC- deadline for withdrawing from resits



Useful links

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