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Area of Study 3: Music for Stage and Screen: Star Wars

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Music that is heard by both the characters in the film and the audience watching the film.
Music that is heard quietly under spoken dialogue in a film.
A recurring theme or musical idea that is used to represent a character or place in the film.
A grand opening to a piece usually performed by a Brass section.
Harmony created when chords are built using fourths one on top of each other instead of traditional thirds.
Similar to a pedal (or pedal note) but heard above the main melodic line instead of below.
A major chord built on the flattened second (supertonic).
An interval bigger than an octave eg a ninth, eleventh etc.
A continuous slide upwards, or downwards between two notes.
Diegetic Music
Quartal Harmony
Inverted Pedal
Neopolitan Sixth
Compound Interval