We consulted on our admissions policy for September 2021 in December November and December 2019. Two changes were proposed:

  1. The removal of admissions criteria 3 – Children whose parents have been granted Founders’ status by the Secretary of State.
  2. The addition of an admissions criteria 4: Children (by which is meant full, step, half, adopted, or fostered children who will be living permanently at the same address of the member of staff at the date of their entry to the school) of staff directly employed by King’s School for two years or more before the admission application and still employed 

    without having given notice, or been given notice that the employment will end, at the time the offer is made.

We received no responses, either positive or negative, to this consultation. Our Admissions Policy for September 2021 can be found below, along with our Admissions Policy for the previous year. Please note that an amendment to the admissions policy was approved in August 2020 by the RSC, related to church attendance during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Please note that the coordinates given in the admissions policy are for online grid reference tools (e.g. https://gridreferencefinder.com/) and not for Google maps. 

For data on the allocation of Year 7 places in the 2018-19 cohort, please click here