Key terms and Spelling List - Year 11 Music
  • Area of Study 3: Music for Stage and Screen: Star Wars
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    Diegetic MusicMusic that is heard by both the characters in the film and the audience watching the film. 
    UnderscoreMusic that is heard quietly under spoken dialogue in a film.  
    LeitmotifA recurring theme or musical idea that is used to represent a character or place in the film.  
    FanfareA grand opening to a piece usually performed by a Brass section.  
    Quartal HarmonyHarmony created when chords are built using fourths one on top of each other instead of traditional thirds.  
    Inverted PedalSimilar to a pedal (or pedal note) but heard above the main melodic line instead of below.  
    Neopolitan SixthA major chord built on the flattened second (supertonic).  
    Compound IntervalAn interval bigger than an octave eg a ninth, eleventh etc.  
    GlissandoA continuous slide upwards, or downwards between two notes.  
  • Area of Study 4: Fusion: Samba Em Preludium
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    Acoustic GuitarNon-Electric classical or steel strung guitar 
    RiffA repeated musical pattern, can be pitched or non-pitched.  
    Bossa-NovaA genre of Brazilian Music.  
    SoloWhen one performer improvises a solo. 
    TurnaroundA given chord (often a V7) that brings you back to the main 'head' or main melody.  
    Extended ChordsChords with a 7th, 9th, 11th or 13th added.  
    Altered ChordA chord where one note has been raised or lowered by a semi-tone.  
    Enharmonic EquivalentAll notes have two names eg A sharp or B flat.  
    CounterpointThe relationship between voices who are harmonically independent (Polyphony).  
    OverdubbedTo record, or play, over an existing recording.  
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  • Composition Coursework
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