banned items

In the interests of the health and safety of students, staff, other members of the school community and visitors to the school, the school asks parents and students to ensure that any inappropriate and dangerous items, or any inappropriate and harmful substances, are not brought in to school. In the majority of cases the application of common sense will easily determine what should not be brought in to school. The list below is not exhaustive but is intended as a guide.

Sanctions under the Student Behaviour Policy may be applied to any student found in possession of any banned item or any item that the school deems to be unsuitable and dangerous. The school reserves the right to exclude students in extreme cases, or when students or parents have received warnings about banned items.

  • Matches, lighters, etc
  • Cigarettes, E-cigarettes etc
  • Alcohol
  • Solvents
  • Any form of illegal drug
  • Any other drugs except medicines covered by the Prescribed Medicines Procedure, including legal highs
  • Knives or blades, including pen knives, craft knives, razors
  • Catapults or guns of any kind, including replicas and BB guns
  • Laser pens and LED torches (students who cycle are permitted to bring their lights but these must be kept in a bag and switched off)
  • Studded arm bands, belts bracelets, etc
  • Whips or similar items such as long chains
  • Pepper sprays and gas canisters (e.g. CS gas)
  • Fireworks or explosives of any kind
  • Dangerous chemicals (e.g. strong acids and alkalis, bleaches, hair dyes, etc)
4. Items related to appearance
  • Make up
  • False nails
  • Hair extensions
  • Eyelash extensions and false eyelashes
  • Dyed hair other than natural colours
  • Piercings other than one stud in an ear
  • Tattoos
5. Other Items
  • Any form of liquid based correction fluid
  • Chewing gum
  • Energy drinks/Fizzy, sugary drinks
  • Large quantities of sweets, biscuits, crisps and other unhealthy items
  • Offensive material (pornographic, homophobic, racist etc)
  • Any aerosol (other than essential medication) Note: students should use non-aerosol deodorants
  • Cameras (Mobile phones should not be seen or heard in school whilst students are on the school premises, therefore the taking of images/video is strictly forbidden)

Religious Items

The school respects the right of individuals to wear items required by their religion. Parents and students are reminded however that these items, for example a ceremonial Kirpan, Kara and Hairpin in Sikhism are only permitted if they are worn and used appropriately. The school reserves the right to require students not to bring these to school if the privilege of wearing them is misused.

Mobile Phones etc

Please see our separate policy on this. Parents and students are reminded that they have consented to this policy on enrolment to the school and that the school reserves the right to confiscate cameras or mobile phones and to delete any unauthorised pictures or video recordings of students or staff. Confiscated devices may be returned to students at the headteacher's discretion but in some cases parents may be required to collect them in person.


Prohibited items will be confiscated. Depending on the nature of the item the school may return this to parents, dispose of or destroy it or hand it to the police. The school will also apply its behaviour policy and consequences for possession of some of these items would be likely to result in fixed term or permanent exclusion.

Students wearing inappropriate make-up may be asked to remove it in school or parents may be asked to collect their children to deal with more involved items e.g. hair extensions or gelcoat/nails etc. Inappropriate haircuts will be dealt with by discussion with parents on a case by case basis.


Staff are empowered to search students for these items with or without consent. Full details of the rules regarding this can be read here.

In practice most students will hand over prohibited items when asked which enables the school to deal with the situation sensibly and restoratively. Any member of staff may ask a students permission to search their coat, blazer or bag with permission. The headteacher and authorised staff (in this school that includes the deputy headteachers) are permitted to search students without permission in certain circumstances. Further details are in the link above.