frequently asked questions

I didn't attend King's School, can I still apply for the Sixth Form?

Yes, we welcome applications from students from across the city. 

How big is King's Sixth Form?

We aim for a maximum of 165 students entering our sixth form each year. All current Year 11 students who meet the sixth form’s minimum entry criteria are able to transfer to sixth form, and at least 50 Year 12 places will be available to external candidates each year.

Our sixth form is a close-knit community with small class sizes, usually between 8 and 15, though they may be smaller or larger depending on students’ choices. Smaller class sizes facilitate strong relationships with teachers and fellow students, and ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience.

How many subjects can I study?

Most students will choose 3 A-levels or BTEC qualifications. Three good grades at A-level is the entry requirement for the majority of universities, so for many students the best approach will be to focus on three subjects only.

As an additional option, you can also take an Extended Project Qualification, equivalent to half an A-Level.

Some students may wish take four A-levels, whether to pursue a particular interest, keep their options open, or aim for a higher total of UCAS points. In this situation we will support a student continuing with four subjects as long as we consider it to be manageable. Further Mathematics, Mathematics, plus two other subjects is the traditional four-subject combination, but please talk to the school to find out if we can support your specific choices.


If I'm unsure about which subjects I would like to study, can I apply or should I wait?

You should apply now as you will be able to re-consider your choices once the term starts. Subject to timetabling restrictions you can change course within a limited window in the first half term.


What happens if I don't get the GCSE results I need for the course I want to do?

All students can have days when exams don’t go too well. If your results are not what you expected on GCSE results day, staff will be in school to discuss your course options with you, and guidance will be given.


How will my lessons be different from GCSE?

The lessons will be more relaxed than at GCSE. Classes will be smaller and the atmosphere will be more collaborative. Lesson time will be spent exploring the most significant elements of the subject in greater depth. Often discussions and shared learning will be central to the lessons. There will be an expectation of preparation ahead of the lesson – this may be pre-reading or research.


You will take the lead when it comes to independent study. With small classes and a seminar style classroom environment, preparation is key to enable you to contribute and take an active role in your learning.


Will there be a Sixth Form common room?

Yes! There will be a dedicated sixth form area for socialising, relaxation and group work; a cafe area for drinks and snacks; a study area fully equipped with everything you need to prepare your work. 


You will have priority access to the canteen lunch queue, and you will have the opportunity to visit local shops and cafes.


Will I have free time during the day?

Yes! In addition to your timetabled lessons for each A-level subject, and other timetabled sessions such as tutorial time, you will have “non-contact sessions” per week. You may want to use these to complete your additional subject reading and/or homework, to relax in the common room, or to go off site.


Sixth Form students will also have access to the school library, with materials to support study and planning for higher education.


Will there be Sixth Form sports?

Yes, the PE department will organise sporting fixtures and events throughout the year.


Can I bring in my laptop or tablet and phone?

Yes. WiFi will be available for sixth form students, and you can bring in your own laptops if you wish (at your own risk).  However school laptops will also be available in the Sixth Form study area. We will ask you to only use your phones in the designated Sixth Form area.


What can I wear?

Students should be dressed appropriately for the school environment.   


Can I park my car at King's?

No, there is no student parking at King's. The site is well served by public transport.