Curriculum Overview


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Curriculum Vision

The school believes in the importance of developing a curriculum that is enjoyable, encourages responsibility, builds self-esteem, demands high standards, enables achievement and provides strong foundations for future learning. We summarise this as a curriculum which develops wise students; our definition of wisdom encompasses knowledge acquisition, skill development and personal moral development. The school is committed to the principles of equal value and equal opportunity, supporting all students to achieve their greatest potential not just academically, but also as creative, caring and responsible future adults.

The curriculum will have sufficient breadth, depth, balance and flexibility to meet the needs of all our students, developing them intellectually, socially, culturally, spiritually and morally.

The school will meet all the statutory requirements for the curriculum and pay proper regard to legislation along with our own policies for, equal opportunities, special educational needs, health and safety, and the safeguarding of our students.

In developing its curriculum, the school will be guided by the National Curriculum and use its content and structure as the basis of our provision.

Curriculum INTENT
Curriculum Implementation

Each subject area has developed a programme of study to implement these curriculum aims. The guiding principles for this implementation are:

In planning the curriculum, links between subjects will be developed and to support the development of skills and the embedding of long-term recall of key knowledge.

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