mobile phone use

We operate a policy of ‘On site, out of sight’ when it comes to mobile phones and headphones at King’s School. Students are permitted to bring mobile phones onto site but should have them switched off/on silent mode and out of sight at all times during the school day. If students do need to contact home during the school day, they are asked to go to the main office.

To ensure adherence to the policy, which we strongly believe is in the interests of all students, we have a system of consequences for students where staff see them with their mobile phones out during the school day. The system is as follows:

1st time

Confiscated until the end of that school day.  The student will be able to collect their phone from the main office at 3pm.

2nd time

Confiscated until end of that school day and the student is asked to hand in at the main office on arrival next day until 3pm. 

3rd time

Confiscated until the end of that school day and the student is asked to hand in for the following five days; they will be given the phone back at the end of each day, and hand it back in on arrival the next day.

4th time

Student to hand in phone every day for remainder of the academic year if they choose to continue to bring it to school.

We know that parents/carers are supportive of our mobile phone policy and understand that the use of mobile phones in school is not conducive to learning or student wellbeing. We would also ask that you support our policy by not contacting our child on their mobile phone between 8:30am and 3:00pm. Urgent messages can always be given to students via the office team.