Extra Curricular

Extra curricular

Our sixth form day includes time for enrichment and additional activities.  Sixth Form students are encouraged to take part in activities after school.


There will be a wide range of extra-curricular events, trips and visits on offer, such as field trips to other countries and visits to Universities across the country. We will begin Year 12 with a team-building day at Blackland Farm to establish new relationships and develop community.


We offer sporting and academic clubs, and everyone is welcome to attend. Team sports include football, rugby and netball clubs with matches played against local schools. Opportunities for fitness training and bouldering are also available. There are also ad-hoc sports events for fun such as Sports Days and Staff v Students matches! Students will also have the opportunity to develop sports leadership skills.


We have a wonderful music department with practice rooms where our Sixth Form students can spend time after school composing music and playing a wide range of instruments.


Sixth Former’s are also encouraged to help at clubs run for lower school students.

We are extending links across the local community in order to give our students the chance to develop their employability skills, including barista training and roles across the school.