travel to king's school

Safety When Travelling

Please remember to take care when travelling, particularly when crossing roads. Other road users may not see you, particularly in bad weather or when it is dark. If in doubt always wait to see whether a car or bicycle has seen you rather than assume that they have. Use reflective strips on bags and coats to help yourself to be seen. Never wear headphones or use mobile phones when crossing roads.

Walking to School

We would encourage students to walk or cycle to school wherever possible; these options are good for students' health, the environment and our local traffic. 

The Local Authority have produced a handy 'walking map' which shows the approximate times it would take to walk to King's from the local area. Click here to see a copy.

Public Transport 

Our site is served by the Number 5 and 5A bus routes which run regularly in the mornings and the afternoons. In addition to these existing services, Brighton and Hove Buses will be running new morning services to our site; these are the 96, 96A and 98.

A new revised service 6 will be operating from 23rd September (it operates from this date as this is when Brighton and Hove bus timetable changes over to their winter timetable). The route will start at the school, leaving at 15:05, and will and travel via Hangleton Way and Hangleton Lane to pick up the normal Service 6 route from Fox Way into Downs Park and then head into Brighton via New Church Road. Number 5 bus services run directly from our site in the afternoons (Hardwich Road) to central Hove. 

Further details of the 96 and 98 routes can be found below. For more information on the 5 route and for information on purchasing tickets, please visit the Brighton and Hove Buses website:

(Please note - the times below are correct as of September 2019 and are subject to change. Please check with Brighton and Hove Buses for the latest information)

6968 Bus Times

Cycling / Scooters

Cycling to school is encouraged and there are various local cycle routes in and around Hangleton. The topography is slightly hilly but the local roads provide quiet routes along which to cycle. The school provides cycle racks, however it is students' responsibility to provide a lock and secure their cycle or scooter - we recommend a "D-lock". The school does not take responsibility for any loss, damage or theft.

Students are reminded to ensure that their cycles are roadworthy and that they ensure they are visible to other road users by using lights and high visibility clothing. Helmets should be worn.

Pick up/Drop off locations
Parents/carers who choose to drive their child to school are asked to be mindful of our neighbours when doing so. We would ask that families do not pick up/drop off outside the school gates, and would suggest the area near St Helen's church as a more suitable area. This would then mean approximately a 10 minute walk for students.