King's School uniform is smart, stylish and distinctive. Our logo represents the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The uniform is affordable, durable, machine washable and ethically sourced.

We believe that good standards of dress promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour and identify our students to local residents and future employers. The co-operation of all parents/carers is requested to ensure that students are in correct uniform to and from school as well as during normal school hours. Please note, King’s makes the final decision as to what is acceptable in all aspects of a student's appearance. 

The School acknowledges that parents may from time-to-time request variations to the school’s uniform or dress code on grounds of religion or belief, race, disability, gender identity or other special considerations. 

The item list below describes the uniform. We hope your child enjoys wearing it.

All clothing should be named.  We expect students and parents to apply common sense to any items that they might bring to school, and we publish a list of banned items

Our uniform is on sale from Logosports. A uniform and price list is available from Logosports

We have chosen to use a local supplier, Logosports, in Hove. As well as supporting a local business, we wanted to make it easy for parents to buy the uniform and also to make sure that there were no hidden postage costs. Logosports are based in Industrial House, Conway Street BN3 3LW. 01273 321209.

Daywear - Boys

Daywear - Girls

PE Kit 

Compulsory PE Kit:

Optional PE Kit:


Hair, Jewellery and Make-up


Students will need the following basic equipment each day: