Our approach

We recognise that our highly able students  need access to broad, balanced and challenging curriculum opportunities to enable them to reach their true potential. With this in mind, we aim to develop the curriculum for them. We achieve this by offering activities that extend and enrich their learning and promote high attainment and good progress.

Where appropriate, students will move through their learning at a faster rate than their peers. Particularly able students may be able to take additional mathematics awards, further mathematics and languages before Year 11. 

Students on the highly able register will be supported to reach their full potential through high-calibre, differentiated tasks and activities in daily lessons.




Websites to support More Able Gifted and Talented students and their parents:




Supporting our Highly Able Students


Students are set by ability in core subjects and some foundation subjects. Other subjects will be taught in banded sets (e.g. geography, history and RE as humanities sets) and some subjects will be taught in mixed ability groups (e.g. Art, Music, Drama, PE). 

Department Policies and Plans

Each department has a policy and development plan for highly able students. This includes the means of identifying these students and strategies to cater for their needs. Each department also has a small library of reading material suitable for highly able students which can be borrowed. 

A register of Highly Able students 

We use a range of data to identify highly able students:

The highly able register specifically indicates the curriculum areas in which the student has been identified as having strengths. Subject teachers and tutors are kept informed so that progress can be monitored closely.

Parental Support 

When students are placed on the highly able register parents are informed and provided guidance on how they can support children with their learning.


The school has targets, overall and at subject level, for attainment and achievement of highly able students.

Teleologists Discussion Group

The school runs a discussion group for highly able students in Key Stage 4. Staff, visitors and students prepare and present papers on topics not usually covered in the school curriculum. The presentation of the paper is followed by a controlled group discussion which enables students to develop their debating skills and their ability to discuss issues with adults in preparation for university and college interviews.