mental health

At King's School we believe in caring for the whole person, including their mental health. We have a comprehensive pastoral care system and are fortunate to have a Primary Mental Health Worker in school 1.5 days a week. Referrals to our Primary Mental Health Worker go through our pastoral triage which meets weekly. Referrals can come through staff, parents/carers, professionals who work in school, or through students themselves.

King's School also works with local authority services to train Mental Health Champions in school. These are young people who have an interest in mental health and promoting positive mental health amongst the student body. Their 'top tips' for protecting your own mental health as a young person include:

  • Protect your physical health to protect your mental health: get enough sleep; exercise regularly; eat well; drink sufficient water; ensure you get enough 'down time' where you can de-stress and do activities your enjoy.
  • Talking about your mental health is a positive thing to do; don't be ashamed to say you're struggling or feeling down.
  • Remember that you are not alone if you experiencing mental health issues.
  • Seek help from teacher/staff in school or from people outside of school - don't wait too long to reach out.
  • Put boundaries around your use of social media and around your 'screen time' in general.
  • Cultivate positive relationships in your life; ensure that your friendships are supportive.

Please find below a list of Mental Health Champion endorsed resources for supporting positive mental health in young people:

  • I AM WHOLE is an anti-stigma campaign led by the YMCA. Its aim is to tackle stigma and encourage people to talk openly about their mental health:
  • The charity MIND's website contains lots of helpful information and tool kits. It also points young people towards options to get involved in sports in their local area to support positive mental health:
  • KOOTH provides free, safe and anonymous online support for young people:

Anxiety around exams?

The following websites may be of help -