Cashless catering

Key Information

King's is a cashless school; all payments for trips, events and food are made through ParentPay. Families will be given a letter, introducing this service when their child enrols. If you have not received a letter letting you know how to set up a scopay account for your child, please contact the finance office. 

Please note: At this time, we do not have the facility to automatically notify parents when their child's account is running low on credit. Students are made aware that their funds are running low at the tills, and we would ask that parents regularly check their child's balance.

Topping Up

You can use the following link to access your son/daughter's online payments account:  

Please be advised that students need to have funds on their catering account to make purchases from the Dome Diner. In the event that a student has insufficient funds to purchase lunch, we will contact home to notify parents. Students will be allowed to go overdrawn once only. Students without the funds to make purchases from the Dome Diner on more than one consecutive day will be refused service. If you are having trouble topping up your child's account, please contact the school office. 


Part of our cashless catering system is a biometric till. This uses students' finger prints to identify their account, and offers a quick and secure payment alternative to cash. The biometric facility operates on an 'opt-in' basis, and those students who would prefer not to use biometrics will be given a PIN to use in the Dome Diner instead.

A permission slip for the biometric system is included in our welcome pack to new students. If you would like a copy of this slip, however, please contact the school office.