In school

Each subject area organises additional activities to enhance the learning of students within school. There will be a planned programme of visits to the school by artists, authors and other specialists, to inspire and inform our students.

Off-site trips and Enrichment Days

Departments also organise off-site learning activities, both during and after the school day. For example: environmental activities, theatre trips, concerts, museums, visits to business and industry, local history and geography field work. 

The school has four 'Enrichment Days' per academic year when all students are off-timetable, participating in enriching activities on and off site. 


Staff offer clubs and activities linked to their interests as well as subject areas. Some clubs may be led by students who have particular expertise and interests. Further details are on our extra-curricular page.


"Enrichment of the curriculum in and beyond the classroom is an extremely important part of our provision."

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