King’s School seeks to foster a warm, welcoming and respectful culture, based on our Christian Gospel values, which allows us all to question and challenge discrimination and inequality, resolve conflicts peacefully, promote equality and work and learn in a safe environment.

To find out more about our school approach to equality please read our Equal Opportunities Policy.  


Equality Information and objectives


1. Contextual information

King’s School opened in September 2013. We currently have around 165 students in Year 7 (split into six tutor groups), around 175 students in Year 8 (split into five tutor groups), around 125 students in Year 9 (split into five tutor groups) and around 100 students in each of Years 10 and 11 (split into four tutor groups per year).

Intake Total Number Boys BME EAL FSM PPG Disabled SEN EHCP
2018  129 73 31 17 11 28 5 19 2
2019  177 100 48 24 18 18 8 30 7
2020  166  85 43  6 21 32 1  31 9
2021  166  79 39 22 28 36 1  30 9


2. Fostering good relations information

In our school we take pride in the range of work we do to foster good relations and in fact 87% of our KS3 students feel safe in school (81% of KS4 students); when asked whether the school helps them to get on with others including people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, 84% of KS3 students agreed and 76% of KS4 students agreed (Safe and Well School Survey 2018 - next survey has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will run in autumn 2021).

I feel safe at school

My school helps me get on with others


All secondaries Brighton and Hove KS3

All secondaries Brighton and Hove KS4

King's KS3 Students

King's KS4 Students

All secondaries Brighton and Hove KS3

All secondaries Brighton and Hove KS4

King's KS3 Students

King's KS4 Students










You can read more about our approach to fostering good relations in the following policies; Attendance; Behaviour; Anti-Bullying; Curriculum; Extra-Curricular; Special Educational Needs; Sex and Relationships Education; Safeguarding (all policies are publicly accessible on our website at:

We aim to foster good relations by:


Fostering good relations objective(s)

As the school grows we will continue to review the PSHE and wider curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of students. In particular, we want to focus on education on race issues and will be working with staff, students and our wider community to review and develop our approach. 


3.Eliminating discrimination information

We work in partnership with parents and carers, students and the whole school community to prevent all forms of bullying and prejudiced based behaviour and you can read more about our approach to bullying and eliminating discrimination in our Anti-Bullying Policy, Equality Policy and Sex and Relationship Education Policy (see the school website:

All bullying and prejudiced based incidents are recorded. These records are used to inform the assembly programme and the PSHE education curriculum and to support and track individual students. Incidents are discussed during pastoral meetings and reported termly to governors meetings.  The school also participates in the local authority Safe and Well School Survey and conducts its own Student Voice Surveys and regular Parental Voice Surveys. This data is also analysed and used to measure impact and inform next steps. This data is reported back to the whole school community on an annual basis.

We actively encourage students, parents and carers to report any bullying and prejudiced based incidents to us. 70% of KS3 students reported that they believe the school is good at dealing with incidents of bullying, compared with 67% on average across Brighton and Hove (Safe and Well at School Survey 2018). Parents and carers have made clear to us that they are very happy that the school deals with any such incidents efficiently and appropriately. 

My school is good at dealing with bullying

secondaries Brighton and Hove KS3 

All secondaries Brighton and Hove KS4 

King's KS3 Students

King's KS4 Students

67% 44% 70% 49%

Eliminating discrimination objective(s)


4. Advance equality of opportunity information

King’s School is completely committed to ensuring that all students make excellent academic progress. We review the progress of all students continually and collect formal progress data six times per year. This data is routinely analysed to ensure that all groups of students are performing equally well across the curriculum.

Advance equality of opportunity objective(s)


5. Accessibility Plan

The school is fully accessible to all students, including wheelchair users. There is a lift from the ground floor to the second floor, and a platform lift from the dining hall to the ground floor.

The school has a medical, SEND, and disabilities register for all year groups. 

Increasing the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the school's curriculum:


Improving the physical environment of the school for the purpose of increasing the extent to which disabled pupils are able to take advantage of education and benefits, facilities or services provided or offered by the school:

Improving the delivery to disabled pupils of information which is readily accessible to pupils who are not disabled.