GCSE results - 2023



Joint statement from Brighton and Hove Secondary Headteachers on the 2023 GCSE results: "Brighton and Hove Secondary Headteachers are jointly celebrating the achievements of our Year 11 students in 2023. Schools have worked in partnership, closely and collaboratively, to ensure that every child in our city has access to a good education and is able to make strong progress. We take collective responsibility for a set of exam results that reflect great levels of attainment and achievement across all schools in Brighton and Hove. This year's results reflect the hard work and tenacity of fantastic group of students, and an unerring commitment from all schools to joint practice development and partnership for the benefit of every young person in our city. We are extremely proud of the ‘Class of 2023' and wish them all the very best for the future."

At King's School we were delighted with our GCSE results this year, which compare very favourably with our 2022 results, despite the national deflation of GCSE grades this year. We are particularly proud of the fantastic progress made by all of our students across the curriculum and by the continued exceptional performance of our students in English and Mathematics (88% of our students achieved at least a grade 4 in English and 88% achieved at least a grade 4 in Mathematics). There were some wonderful individual sets of results including: Bethany Allen (Grade 7 and above in all exams); Nicholas Bushara (Grade 7 and above in all exams); Frankie Cottrell (Grade 7 and above in all exams); Naomi James (Grade 8 or Grade 9 in all exams); and Joseph Sales (Grade 9s in all but one subject). Full exam performance data will be published in the autumn by the Department for Education. Such outstanding results are the direct result of our students' hard work and our staff's relentless commitment to help our students realise their full potential in line with our core values and Christian ethos. We are very proud to serve our city of Brighton and Hove and look forward to seeing what the class of 2024 will achieve!