In year admissions

Can my child join King's other than in Year 7?

King’s School accepts students into all year groups (except Year 11*). The published admissions number (PAN) for year groups was 150 up to and including the September 2020 Year 7 cohort. From September 2021 our PAN is 165. When a year group is full, the school holds a waiting list. 

*We discourage students moving between schools in Year 11 due to the final year of their GCSE’s and the disruption this may cause.

How do I join the waiting list

If you would like your child to transfer into King's, or to be added to the waiting list for a place if their year-group is full, you need to submit an application for a place via Brighton and Hove Local Authority or your home Local Authority if you live outside of Brighton and Hove. We are not able to admit students or add students to the waiting list without receiving an application via the LA.

Applications can be made online, via the Brighton and Hove admissions website (click here to be redirected to the online application form) or through your home LA as applicable. If you are applying for a place under the faith criteria, please ensure you complete and return a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to the school office as soon as you have applied for a place.  More information on faith places can be found in the school's admissions policy.

How does the waiting list work?

Our waiting list is reviewed once a term, and parents are contacted to confirm whether they want their child to remain on the list for a place. Families will remain on our waiting list until they are offered a place or withdraw their child from the list. 

A student's position on the waiting list will be determined in accordance with the over-subscription criteria set in our admissions policy. Please note that some elements of our policy have been amended (following consultation) over time. For in year admissions, applications will be considered against the over-subscription criteria for that year group's Year 7 entry. Please see the table below for an overview of changes to policy over time and copies of the relevant documents.

What happens when a place becomes available?

If a place becomes available and your child is at the top of our waiting list we will contact you and your child's previous school to ensure that you still want a place, and that there are no reasons why your child's application needs to be reviewed by the Local Authority's Behaviour and Attendance or SEND panels before we admit them. We will then make you an offer of a place and arrange a time for you to meet our Headteacher and view the school. If we are not able to offer you a place we will explain why, the next steps and your right to appeal this decision.

Can I come for a tour of the school?

With regret, we can't offer visits to the school unless we are in a position to offer a place from the waiting list. Prospective parents are encouraged to view a copy of our prospectus and our transition website for more information about the school.

Historic admissions policies and information


Year PAN Nodes % Split Link to admission policy 

Year 7 2023

2023/24- Year 7

165 Hove/West Blatchington 70/30 Click here for entry September 2023 policy

Year 7 2022

2023/24- Year 8

165 Hove/West Blatchington 70/30 Click here for entry September 2022 policy

Year 7 2021

2023/24- Year 9

165 Hove/West Blatchington 70/30 Click here for entry September 2021 policy

Year 7 2020

2023/24- Year 10

150 Hove/West Blatchington 70/30 Click here for entry September 2020 policy

Year 7 2019

2023/24- Year 11

150 Hove/West Blatchington 80/20 Click here for entry September 2019 policy